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You like that, Metroplex!?

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The Front Bottoms - Flashlight


The Front Bottoms - Flashlight

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The Front Bottoms- Skeleton


The Front Bottoms- Skeleton

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really sick and informational powerpoint about the front bottoms bc they’re one of my favorite bands and i get asked a lot of questions about them

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It’s about nine people looking into the blackness of space and seeing nine different things.

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“We’re still flying.””That’s not much.””It’s enough.”

We’re still flying.”
That’s not much.”
It’s enough.”

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think its finally the time to get into no use for a name


Let me introduce myself, my name is no concern
The room is filled with superficial voices
As the smoke clears I can see one hundred little lies
Racing to the finish for a consolation prize

I want to be wrong
I wish that I was uncertain just like yesterday
This is not who I am, been planning my escape
So long now that my map looks like a maze

Always on the dark side of a pessimistic moon
Or burning in the sun of what they’re saying
If you have the foresight can you read between the lines?
Finger two and four inviting fingers one and five

To be in this song, it’s nothing I can shut off
But I think it’s my place
To let you know I know that all your plans are fake
And what you give me I could never take

Are you confusing me with someone else you hardly even know?
I’m sitting here observing and more often I am learning
That you are an artist and this is your show… so sing it!

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We may not enjoy living together…but dying together isn’t going to solve anything.

I think you would like them,

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Old Man Markley - The Feel Good Songs Of The Year Old Man Markley - The Feel Good Record Of The Year(dl)
El Corazón - 062613
Fat Wreck
I never thought the day would come when I Would be the poison in the pen I use to write You said you were alone in somewhat of a nervous tone I guess it was the blank look on your face that was easy to replace So then I went and drank myself into an idiot all through the night Recounting all my paranoid and selfish thoughts but I was right I made a space for you inside my soul And let my feelings kill the part that I control So part of you was me, neglectful maybe cold it seemed Despite having the wounds we both imbibe, the scars are Somewhere we can’t hide I then stayed up for two more years just thinking of the sacrifice you made Indifferent to the reason so apparent in the pain I polished off another drink and taught myself to numb and drift away For one more night so I could justify the day So now I entertain the thought of going on all alone But you are all the life I’ve ever known I swear one day I’ll get it back something that is already dead and gone Again i see the trumpet player looking for his song Don’t worry I won’t follow you, that part of me is learning to let got What was a space is like a cancer in my soul

I’m sorry

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